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C. Reactions of sodium salts (A) Reagent required 15 % w/v solution of potassium carbonate Potassium antimonate solution Procedure: Take 2 ml of the solution obtained in the test for "Heavy metal", add 2 ml of 15 % w/v solution of potassium carbonate and heat to boiling. No precipitate is produced.

determination of assay of sodium antimonate

determination of assay of sodium antimonate - … ELEMENTAL ANALYSIS OF PRECIPITATES FORMED IN NUCLEI . 27 Oct 1971 unsupplemented gels and partly of sodium anti- monate. The. Na precipitated in this … Know More

Roasting Arsenic & Antimony Ores

Roasting before Fusion & Assay. Ores containing large quantities of sulphur, arsenic, or antimony may sometimes be roasted with advantage as a preliminary to fusion. Roasting is effected in shallow circular clay dishes, in a muffle, or in the crucibles in which the fusion is afterwards performed.

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USAC is the only significant North American producer of strategic antimony products that include antimony metal, antimony oxide, sodium antimonate, and antimony trisulfide: Antimony metal is alloyed with lead as a hardener for bullets and for lead-acid deep-cycle industrial batteries for trucks and heavy equipment.


titration of the antimony in the precipitate or determining the residual antimony in the supernatant fluid and thereby indi- rectly the sodium. We favored the latter procedure at first because it rendered unnecessary the quantitative separation of the precipitate, thereby avoiding errors due to filtration and

Antimony Assay & Determination by Roasting Stibnite

The product obtained by roasting stibnite is likely to contain some unoxidized antimony trisulphide and a mixture of antimony trioxide and antimony tetroxide. It was desired to determine, as accurately as possible, the condition of the antimony as well as the total quantity present. Attempts were made to separate the trisulphide and the two oxides by methods based upon their varying ...

Forensic Science - Sodium Rhodizonate Test for Lead

At the scientist's discretion, the test may also be used to evaluate other objects or surfaces for the presence of lead. The hole (above left) is to be tested with sodium rhodizonate solution. The control test (above right) shows the reagent is giving expected results, a purple color reaction to the area to which lead was applied.


Chemical test for acids i.e. the aqueous hydrogen ion i.e. H + or H 3 O + ion (note: to completely identify acids you need to test for the anion e.g. chloride for HCl hydrochloric or sulfate ion if sulfuric acid etc.) (i) Litmus or universal indicator or pH meter. (ii) Adding a little sodium hydrogen carbonate powder.

Sodium thioantimoniate - Wikipedia

Sodium thioantimoniate is an inorganic compound with the formula Na 3 SbS 4.The nonahydrate of this material is known as Schlippe's salt, named after K. F. Schlippe (1799–1867), These compounds are examples of sulfosalts.They were once of interest as species generated in qualitative inorganic analysis

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Test tube holder, Spatula. PROCEDURE. Substances containing sodium ion of which 100mg was to be dissolved in 2ml of water to which 2ml of 15% w/v solution of potassium carbonate was added and heated to boil. To the boiled solution freshly prepared potassium antimonate solution was added and again set to …

Sodium antimonate - Antimony compounds.

However, recently generated hazard data on sodium hexahydroxoantimonate (CAS 33908-66-6) - which can be read acrossed to sodium antimonate (A) - do not support the harmonized classification and labelling for this antimony compound as stated in Annex VI of Regulation (EC) 1272/2008.

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Pentavalent antimonials, meglumine antimoniate, and sodium stibogluconate, are antimony–carbohydrate complexes and were used for more than half a century for the treatment of leishmaniasis. Urea stibamine, the less toxic and more effective antimonial was used for the treatment of Indian kala-azar in 1920.

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Rats were fed potassium antimony tartrate (8 mg antimony/kg/day) or antimony metal (40 mg/antimony/kg/day) for 7-1/2 months ad libitum. In a third test, potassium antimony tartrate was fed to rats for 6 months in doses increasing to 100 mg antimony/kg/day and then maintained at that level for an additional 6 months.

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A Validated HPLC Assay Method for the Determination of Sodium Alginate in Pharmaceutical Formulations. Get Price; Antimony Assay Determination by Roasting Stibnite. Antimony Assay Determination by Roasting Stibnite View Larger Image The product obtained by roasting stibnite is likely to contain some unoxidized antimony trisulphide and a mixture ...

Antimony Sodium Tartrate, chemical structure, molecular ...

Assay— Dissolve about 500mg of Antimony Sodium Tartrate,accurately weighed,in 50mLof water,add 5g of potassium sodium tartrate,2g of sodium borate,and 3mLof starch TS,and immediately titrate with 0.1Niodine VSto the production of a persistent blue color.Each mLof 0.1Niodine is equivalent to 14.54mg of C 8 H 4 Na 2 O 12 Sb 2.

Sodium antimonate - Registration Dossier - ECHA

Based on the fact that diantimony pentoxide, sodium hexahydroxoantimonate and sodium antimonate all contain antimony in the pentavalent oxidation state and that the bioaccessibility data in five different artificial body fluids as reported under section 7.1 Basic toxicokinetics show a similar dissolution pattern, read-across among the ...

Antimony Pentoxide and Sodium Antimonate - Toxicological ...

THIS chapter reviews the physical and chemical properties, toxicokinetics, toxicological, epidemiological, and exposure data on pentavalent antimony (antimony pentoxide and sodium antimonate). The subcommittee reviewed the available data on these compounds and determined that toxicological information necessary for risk assessment was mostly available for antimony pentoxide.

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A fine powder of sodium antimonate trihydrate, a slightly soluble salt of the highest available was used to prepare a dilute solution of sodium antimonate. In polyol method it is found that the ferrite is impossibly gained when diethylene glycol is replaced by ethylene glycol, or anhydrous sodium acetate by acetic acid sodium salt trihydrate.

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P.J. Rosenthal, in Comprehensive Medicinal Chemistry II, 2007. Drugs for leishmaniasis. Standard drugs for all forms of leishmaniasis are pentavalent antimonials (sodium stibogluconate and meglumine antimonate).These drugs generally have good efficacy, but they require a long course of parenteral therapy and entail significant toxicity.


Antimony — With hydrogen ... Phosphate— [note— Where the monograph specifies the identification test for Phosphate, use the tests for orthophosphates, unless the instructions specify the use of the pyrophosphate tests or indicate that the product is to be ignited before performing the test.] ... Sodium — Unless otherwise specified in an ...

EP0025246B1 - Process for preparing a fireproofing ...

A process for preparing a flame retardant composition from sodium antimonate, comprising a treatment of the antimonate with an acid solution, characterized in that at least 60% of the antimonate is transformed into pentavalent antimony oxide by means of said acid solution, thus producing a mixture of pentavalent antimony oxide and sodium ...


• A. Acid solutions of ferric salts yield a dark blue precipitate with potassium ferrocyanide TS. • B. With an excess of 1N sodium hydroxide added to the ferric salts solutions, a reddish-brown precipitate is formed. • C. With ammonium thiocyanate TS, solutions of ferric salts produce a deep red color that is not destroyed by dilute miner-

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environmentally hazardhous substance solid, o s sodium antimonate un 3077 made in belgium, by umicore in hoboken po 40652 po 40653 po 40654 environmentally hazardh us substance solid, n o s sodium antimona e un 3077 made in belgium, by umicore in hoboken po 40652 po 40653 po 40654 environmentally hazardhous substance solid, o s sodium ...

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USAC produces Antimony Oxide VF, MP, HT, LT, and Catalyst grade, antimony metal, sodium antimonate, and a wide variety of antimony specialty compounds. Chat With Sales; determination of assay of sodium antimonate. determination of assay of sodium antimonate - . Determination of arsenic and antimony in water, Determination of Arsenic and ...